Session #7

The party located the skald Tymnan at the Vomiting Valyrie and asked him about the sword they found. Once they bought him a drink and finally got his sauced mind focused enough, he informed them that it was in fact a magic sword that had been created by the dwarves (+1 Viscious Longsword). In a feat of mental arithmatic stunning for a goliath, Maccallan realized that: magic longsword > non-magic warhammer, and decided to equip the weapon in question.

The party then set out to follow the map that they had found earlier. After a few false trails, Braewulf led them to the spot marked on the map, which was a clearing with a few ruined remains. Here, they were attacked by the seemingly insane ghost of a Hrothling who shouted a variety of statements centered on the themes of cold, death and an unnamed “she” who apparently killed him. As the final blow to him was struck, he thanked the party for releasing him.

Searching through the ruins revealed a stairway leading down. The group descended and found what was clearly once a tomb. The place looked ransacked: all of the coffins had been turned over or smashed and a variety of bones and pieces lie scattered all over the floor. As they began to search the area, the bones rose up off the ground in the form of animated skeletons which attacked immediately. The party defeated the skeletons with relative ease. A search of the area revealed little of value, but one thing of interest. On the opposite wall from the entrance stood an iron door that looked significantly newer than the rest of the tomb. It has the same flame/sword symbol that the party has seen before etched upon it.



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