Session #5

The party searched the camp and found the 3 priests tied up in the officers’ tent. They were in rough shape even after some healing from Thom. The priests informed the party that Shol had sent his Lt. out the back of the tent to gather up the remaining outriders and bring them back. Upon hearing this news, the adventurers quickly gathered up the weapons and cash from the corpses, as well as the 4 draft animals, and cleared out as quickly as possible. They eventually saw torch light behind them, so Braewulf stayed back to muddy their tracks and scout the situation. It was the remaining Ilsomnians, and after a brief stand off, Braewulf bolted. Once he caught up to the party, they decided to send the priests ahead while they set up an ambush. The ambush was successful despite Garin’s frequent misses. They killed all but one of the soldiers. This one surrendered to the party (by chance it was the same seargent who had insulted them in an earlier encounter). The priests, it turned out, hadn’t gone far. So the group continued on to Skall where Namthal rewarded the party with coin and a magic amulet.



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