Session #4

After searching the bodies of the brigands, the party finished sleeping for the remaining hours of night. At dawn, after eating a stew that Braewulf prepared (‘it was alright’), they continued traveling westward into the hills. Eventually, once they were due south of the Empire’s encampment, Braewulf and Garin left the others and moved north to scout the situation. On the way there, they encountered another group of outriders. Braewulf climbed a tree and Garin tried to hide in the brush and rocks below, but one observant soldier heard something. He called out and they tried to capture Garin, but Garin and Braewulf got the jump on them, killing them and taking their uniforms.

Then they went back and got Thom and Maccallan. The party decided on an attempt at trickery, in which Thom and Maccallan would draw attention just outside camp booby-trapped with tripwires while Garin and Braewulf ran into camp wearing the stolen uniforms and shouting a warning. The plan was that these two would then quickly look through the camp for the missing priests while Maccallan and Thom drew the soldiers attention away. However, bluffing proved to not be one of Braewulf’s strong points, and the soldiers immediately realized something was up. The party changed tactics and went for an all-out attack, and ended up defeating Captain Shol, a seargent and 8 other soldiers.



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