Session #7

The party located the skald Tymnan at the Vomiting Valyrie and asked him about the sword they found. Once they bought him a drink and finally got his sauced mind focused enough, he informed them that it was in fact a magic sword that had been created by the dwarves (+1 Viscious Longsword). In a feat of mental arithmatic stunning for a goliath, Maccallan realized that: magic longsword > non-magic warhammer, and decided to equip the weapon in question.

The party then set out to follow the map that they had found earlier. After a few false trails, Braewulf led them to the spot marked on the map, which was a clearing with a few ruined remains. Here, they were attacked by the seemingly insane ghost of a Hrothling who shouted a variety of statements centered on the themes of cold, death and an unnamed “she” who apparently killed him. As the final blow to him was struck, he thanked the party for releasing him.

Searching through the ruins revealed a stairway leading down. The group descended and found what was clearly once a tomb. The place looked ransacked: all of the coffins had been turned over or smashed and a variety of bones and pieces lie scattered all over the floor. As they began to search the area, the bones rose up off the ground in the form of animated skeletons which attacked immediately. The party defeated the skeletons with relative ease. A search of the area revealed little of value, but one thing of interest. On the opposite wall from the entrance stood an iron door that looked significantly newer than the rest of the tomb. It has the same flame/sword symbol that the party has seen before etched upon it.

Session #6

This session was mostly just tying up loose ends. The party paid a visit to Igor (the merchant/fence that Narvi had been carrying a reciept from) and ended up selling the majority of the stolen Ilsomnian weapons to him. Garin went to the temple of Moradin and spoke with the priests while he helped them craft items for the local farmers. In response to his asking about the sword which had been recovered from the Ilsomnian officer, they directed him to a skald named Tymnan who is known to frequent the Vomiting Valkyrie. The priests also promised to mention Garin to a dwarf named Falgryn, who may have knowledge of warhammer crafting techniques.

Session #5

The party searched the camp and found the 3 priests tied up in the officers’ tent. They were in rough shape even after some healing from Thom. The priests informed the party that Shol had sent his Lt. out the back of the tent to gather up the remaining outriders and bring them back. Upon hearing this news, the adventurers quickly gathered up the weapons and cash from the corpses, as well as the 4 draft animals, and cleared out as quickly as possible. They eventually saw torch light behind them, so Braewulf stayed back to muddy their tracks and scout the situation. It was the remaining Ilsomnians, and after a brief stand off, Braewulf bolted. Once he caught up to the party, they decided to send the priests ahead while they set up an ambush. The ambush was successful despite Garin’s frequent misses. They killed all but one of the soldiers. This one surrendered to the party (by chance it was the same seargent who had insulted them in an earlier encounter). The priests, it turned out, hadn’t gone far. So the group continued on to Skall where Namthal rewarded the party with coin and a magic amulet.

Session #4

After searching the bodies of the brigands, the party finished sleeping for the remaining hours of night. At dawn, after eating a stew that Braewulf prepared (‘it was alright’), they continued traveling westward into the hills. Eventually, once they were due south of the Empire’s encampment, Braewulf and Garin left the others and moved north to scout the situation. On the way there, they encountered another group of outriders. Braewulf climbed a tree and Garin tried to hide in the brush and rocks below, but one observant soldier heard something. He called out and they tried to capture Garin, but Garin and Braewulf got the jump on them, killing them and taking their uniforms.

Then they went back and got Thom and Maccallan. The party decided on an attempt at trickery, in which Thom and Maccallan would draw attention just outside camp booby-trapped with tripwires while Garin and Braewulf ran into camp wearing the stolen uniforms and shouting a warning. The plan was that these two would then quickly look through the camp for the missing priests while Maccallan and Thom drew the soldiers attention away. However, bluffing proved to not be one of Braewulf’s strong points, and the soldiers immediately realized something was up. The party changed tactics and went for an all-out attack, and ended up defeating Captain Shol, a seargent and 8 other soldiers.

The story up til now ...

1st session
The party was gathered together at the Vomiting Valkyrie by a small, pungent human named Narvi. Narvi claimed to have a stash of goods that his brother had been storing under his floorboards, and he recruited the party to help him bring these items to town. The frosty weather fatigued several members of the party during the trip. While camping during the night, an elven scouting party approached the adventurers and told them that they were hunting for one of their tribesmen who had disappeared somewhere near. Upon arriving at Narvi’s house the following afternoon, the party was attacked by a group of human bandits. Narvi, who seemed familiar with the bandits, turned into a giant rat and escaped into the nearby water. The party defeated the bandits, as well as a drake which arrived in the middle of the fight. They then investigated the smokehouse and found it to be a makeshift prison. A large wooden enclosure on one end contained 3 people: an elf named Caerol, a Hrothling named Sav, and a small shrieking man who they could get no discernable communication out of. The elf offered his Hunter’s Flint to Slightly as thanks for opening the lock and freeing the prisoners. The Hrothling, Sav, mentioned that he would be heading back to Skall to catch a ship that he knows of which is leaving for Hrothlyn in two days with the intention of joining a raiding crew.

2nd session
Once they regrouped after the confrontation at Narvi’s house, the party were surprised to discover that the dwarven fire mage and the dual-wielding fighter were no longer present. Whether these two fled hoping to avoid further dangers or crept off for more duplicitous reasons, the remaining party members weren’t sure, but they carried on and searched the house and its environs. They found another cage inside the house, this one containing a single occupant. The prisoner introduced himself as a monk named Garin and said that he had recently been captured nearby. He was thankful for his rescue, as well as for Thom’s healing, and asked to be allowed to join the party.

Further searching of the area revealed several clues regarding their ambushers/captors:

1. The drake which had been killed in session #1 was found to have a small bone tube attached to its leg with a note inside it that read “Been detained. Don’t know for how long. Trusting you to deal with whatever the rat dropped off. It had better be a good haul this time or I’ll throw that mangy creature to the White Lady myself.”
2. The office area near where Garin’s prison was had a table covered in a variety of papers. While the party could not glean much that was of any use from the contents of these papers, they did note that many of them seemed to bear a strange symbol that looks something like a stylized flame with a sword in front of it.
3. One of the trunks in the bunk area of the house contained a map. No locations are labelled on the map, but careful study of it led the party to believe that it shows a path from Skall to a location in the hills south of the city.

By the time they were done searching the place, it was nearly night so the party decided to take shelter in the house and set out in the morning. The night was uneventful, other than some strange noises but the next morning they were attacked by Narvi and several rat followers. The party dispatched this group relatively easily, but Maccallan was infected with the dreaded Filth Fever disease. A search of the bodies revealed a receipt in Narvi’s pouch from a merchant in Skall named Igor.

Maccallan struggled with his ailment during the journey back to Skall, and by the time they were there he had fully succumbed to it. Upon returning to the city, the party split up.

Garin, Maccallan and Thom went to the Temple District, where Garin studied with the blacksmiths in the temple of Morridin and Maccallan looked for someone who could cure his disease. The priests at the Temple of Pelor know of such a ceremony, but claimed that it would take 100 gold worth of materials to perform it. When Maccallan said that he wouldn’t be able to come up with that much, the High Priest told him to see how much he could come up with and come back the next day. He implied that there might be another way for Maccallan to defray some of the cost of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Braewulf returned to the Inn of the Vomiting Valkyre and spoke with the proprietor, Bjornan. Bjornan told him that he didn’t know very much about Narvi, but that he had seen him skulking about occassionally and that he usually seemed to have some scheme or other going on. He also informed him that Igor (from the receipt) is a local fence with shady connections, and advised against starting trouble with him if Braewulf were to seek him out.

After that, the party regrouped, shared what information they had, and retreated to their various sleeping locations. Braewulf killed a stag before retiring for the night, with the intention to selling it to help raise some money for Maccallan’s ceremony.

3rd Session
The party gathered what money they could and approached the Temple of Pelor where they were made an offer by the High Priest Namthal. Namthal told the party that he had sent 3 of his priests to meet with a scouting band from the Ilsomnian Empire who had been spotted to the west. The priests have not been heard from since, and for political reasons Namthal is reluctant to go through official channels to aid them. So his offer to the party was that he would cover half of the component cost for the ritual out of his own pocket if the party would agree to investigate the situation for him. He also offered further rewards should they manage to bring the priests back.

The party accepted Namthal’s offer. The ritual to cure Maccallan was successful, and the party headed out to look into the matter of the disapppearing priests. They encountered some of the Empire’s outriders and pretended to be a simple hunting party. During the party’s conversation with these outriders, Braewolf recognized the name of the officer in charge of the scouting party. Captain Shol has a reputation for intolerance, and was known by Braewolf to be one of those who the empire used to intimidate the native tribes.

In response to the outriders’ insistance that they turn back, the adventurers changed direction and headed south toward the mountains. Braewulf laid a false trail to make it look like they headed east when they hit the foothills, but in actuality the party went a ways west and set up camp. Braewolf set up watch about ¼ mile east of the rest of the party’s camp. During the night, the party was attacked by brigands whom they defeated, although the brigand leader got away.


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